Wednesday 24 May 2017

Our day in Brighton!

On Thursday, we went to Brighton for the whole day. In the morning we went from Mottingham to Charing Cross, there I got the chance to get a coffee because I was very tired. After this it took us an hour to get to Brighton by train. There I took a quick power nap and listened to Ed Sheeran. In Brighton arrived it was very cold and foggy. We went to Brighton Pier where I went down to the beach to take some fotos, there I lost my friends and so I had to walk alone to find them. After I found them again we decided to go to Sea Life, it was really cool to see all the fish and water creatures. We spent there an hour I think. After this we had free time to do whatever we want, we decided to go shopping because this never gets boring. It was a great day at Brighton!

Written by Lorena Fink

London Zoo

I would suggest London Zoo because I think it’s a good place where you can relax from the stress of the city and watch some animals you have never seen before. It’s a big area with 15 hectares and over 18.400 animals.
It would be very interesting to see all the 752 different species for example, lions, tigers or special events every day for example shows on Penguin Beach, or sometime you can feed Llamas. You can even get close to some big spiders, which I personally would not recommend.
Established in 1828 the zoological gardens London Zoo is one of the oldest in the world. It has been opened for the public since 1847.

It would be nice to spend a day off the zoo and the costs aren’t that high. I think London Zoo would be a nice change from our other sights we are visiting so think about it.

Written by Lorena Fink

Thursday morning in Brighton

We got up at 6:30 am, got ready and had a breakfast. One hour later our host parents took us to the meeting point at Mottingham station. From there we went by train to London Bridge station, where we changed to the Underground for Victoria station. Here we had to find a train which was not a Gatwick Express and went to Brighton. We had the same problem on our way from Gatwick Airport to Victoria station. But in the end, we found the correct train. The ride took us about 50 minutes and that was a great chance to take a nap, listen to music or what else. When we arrived at Brighton we had a little walk through the city first. We saw a few small shops in the lanes. It was a little bit cold and foggy.  When we arrived at the sea front we went on Brighton Pier. It is basically a long boardwalk on the water. There is a penny arcade and a little amusement park. But there were also a lot of common gulls. Two of them attacked Mr. Meier and Sarah and stole their sandwiches.

Written by Nina Streiter

Monday 1 May 2017

Tuesday afternoon in London

At the beginning, we took the underground to get to Waterloo Station. That was our very first experience using a tube this week. It was a bit chaotic because nobody really knew where we had to go to get to the tube and out of the station again, so we just followed our teacher who knew exactly where we needed to go. Though there were so many busy people running in different directions, we did keep track of Mr. Meier and his bright, green blamie.

Right after we got out of the dark underground system, we started our little walk to London Eye Pier. In this area we were directly beneath the London Eye. But since no one of us were interested in taking a ride on the London Eye, we simply skipped that part by gazed and only at it from the pier.
Following this we took a boat ride to Tower Pier. It took us approximately 20min, enough time to relax our feet after the long walks. We crossed 6 bridges, including London and Millenium Bridge. And we had enough time to look at the skyline. 

Shortly after our arrival at the Tower Millenium Pier we walked over Tower Bridge towards Borough Market. Along the Queens Walk we passed Hayes Gallery and got a phone call from 3 of our classmates who had got lost on the other side of the Thames. We waited for them, as they were directed to our meeting point via whatsapp. Fortunately, Mr. Meier knew where we were.
At Borough Market, we could choose food from different cultures all around world and rest our hired yet again feet. After our break, we headed towards our next stop; Sky Garden. 

Most of us had never seen a building this high before. We had to undergo a security check. A Chinese guy doing the procedure tried to communicate with us, saying some Tirolian words like: “Grias di.”, “Pfiat di” and “Servus”. On top of sky garden, we had the best magnificent view over London. We got to get an all-around impression of the city. Some of us ordered some drinks (non-alcoholic drinks, of course).

Since that was the last stop of our second day, we decided to go home to our host families. We took the underground and the national rail to Mottingham station. Our host parents picked us up, we ate dinner and went to sleep.

What a nice second day in London. 

Written by Eva Maria Haßlwanter, Nadine Schnitzler, Sara Underrain

Thursday 27 April 2017

Mamma Mia!

After dinner we went to Novello theater, where we were going to see a performance of the musical Mamma Mia at 19.45. Mamma Mia is about a girl who is looking for her biological father, but there are 3 potential candidates for selection. So she invites all of them to her wedding. It was really fun and the dancers were really good looking. After the musical we went to the Charing Cross station and waited for our trains back home. When everyone else had boarded their train, we and the teachers finally got on our train to Chislehurst station. From there it was only a 10-minutes walk to our host family.

Written by Celina Feischl

Monday 24 April 2017

High, higher, London Eye!

The London Eye is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. It is 135 meters tall. The construction began in 1998 and it was finished in 2000. It took the architects 7 years to design.

It has won over 85 awards for national and international tourism, outstanding architectural quality and engineering achievement. It has become the UK´s most popular visitor attraction.
From the top you can see things about 25 miles away. One revolution takes 30 minutes and it doesn´t have to stop when people step on and off. The London Eye carries every revolution 800 people. More than 3 and a half million people go on the London Eye every year. There are 32 capsules and each one can carry 25 passengers. One capsule weighs 10 tonnes without passengers. They are big enough that you can sit or walk around. The capsules are numbered from 1 to 33 because they omitted the number 13 for superstitious people.

In my opinion we should go there because you have the greatest view above London. You can never see the buildings in this unique way.

Written by Julia Sauerwein

Monday 10 April 2017

Way to Camden Market

After Primrose Hill we went along a beautiful canal to the Camden Lock Market. The canal was called Regents Canal and it looked like little Amsterdam, people were even smoking pot there. The atmosphere at the canal was quiet good, some were sitting on the ground and ate some of the delicious food from the Camden Lock Market or they were just hanging around enjoying the good feelings and the sun. After 20 minutes we arrived on foot at Camden Lock Market and we chose a meeting point. So we had about 3 hours of free time for shopping and exploring the whole market. The market is a very diverse place, there you can find delicious food, clothes, shoes and much more. At half past five we met again at our meeting point and went to Charing Cross.

Written by Lisa Göbl