Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Our day in Brighton!

On Thursday, we went to Brighton for the whole day. In the morning we went from Mottingham to Charing Cross, there I got the chance to get a coffee because I was very tired. After this it took us an hour to get to Brighton by train. There I took a quick power nap and listened to Ed Sheeran. In Brighton arrived it was very cold and foggy. We went to Brighton Pier where I went down to the beach to take some fotos, there I lost my friends and so I had to walk alone to find them. After I found them again we decided to go to Sea Life, it was really cool to see all the fish and water creatures. We spent there an hour I think. After this we had free time to do whatever we want, we decided to go shopping because this never gets boring. It was a great day at Brighton!

Written by Lorena Fink