Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Thursday morning in Brighton

We got up at 6:30 am, got ready and had a breakfast. One hour later our host parents took us to the meeting point at Mottingham station. From there we went by train to London Bridge station, where we changed to the Underground for Victoria station. Here we had to find a train which was not a Gatwick Express and went to Brighton. We had the same problem on our way from Gatwick Airport to Victoria station. But in the end, we found the correct train. The ride took us about 50 minutes and that was a great chance to take a nap, listen to music or what else. When we arrived at Brighton we had a little walk through the city first. We saw a few small shops in the lanes. It was a little bit cold and foggy.  When we arrived at the sea front we went on Brighton Pier. It is basically a long boardwalk on the water. There is a penny arcade and a little amusement park. But there were also a lot of common gulls. Two of them attacked Mr. Meier and Sarah and stole their sandwiches.

Written by Nina Streiter