Monday, 6 March 2017


Hello people,

first of all I have a short description of basic information about Brighton, then I will tell you about the famous and beautiful Brighton Pier.

Brighton is the hugest and the most famous seaside resort in Great Britain, it’s also a popular destination for tourists and offer lots of diverse communities, shopping areas, a lot of culture, music and a vibrant art scene. The major attraction at Brighton is the Brighton Palace Pier which is a famous spot for culture, art and music lovers and a location for many events.
Other attractions in Brighton are SeaLife or the Brighton museum and art gallery which can be found at the Royal Pavilion garden.

Brighton Palace Pier

At the pier you have many opportunities, you can visit it whenever you like and whether you like to only walk across the pier to take some photographs or whether you seek for thrill and want to ride rollercoasters and many other rides.
Also for the little ones there are different rollercoasters and climbing possibilities. 
The rides are open from 10 a.m. to mostly 7 till 9 p.m. in the evening.
As we do not want to starve while on the Pier there is a variety of different bars, restaurants and kiosks, there’s always something for anybody. No matter if you would like to try the traditional Fish and Chips or if you like an ice cream during the day.

I think we should absolutely see the Pier because of the many things we can do, so nobody can complain about boring exhibitions.
Everybody in class can spend their day in Brighton as they like and also can go for a walk, listen to some buskers or have a look at the art scene if they don’t like rollercoasters. I think we could also get some information about some events we could visit. I suppose everybody will have some fun at our stay in Brighton.

Written by Valentina Gruber