Thursday, 27 April 2017

Mamma Mia!

After dinner we went to Novello theater, where we were going to see a performance of the musical Mamma Mia at 19.45. Mamma Mia is about a girl who is looking for her biological father, but there are 3 potential candidates for selection. So she invites all of them to her wedding. It was really fun and the dancers were really good looking. After the musical we went to the Charing Cross station and waited for our trains back home. When everyone else had boarded their train, we and the teachers finally got on our train to Chislehurst station. From there it was only a 10-minutes walk to our host family.

Written by Celina Feischl

Monday, 24 April 2017

High, higher, London Eye!

The London Eye is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. It is 135 meters tall. The construction began in 1998 and it was finished in 2000. It took the architects 7 years to design.

It has won over 85 awards for national and international tourism, outstanding architectural quality and engineering achievement. It has become the UK´s most popular visitor attraction.
From the top you can see things about 25 miles away. One revolution takes 30 minutes and it doesn´t have to stop when people step on and off. The London Eye carries every revolution 800 people. More than 3 and a half million people go on the London Eye every year. There are 32 capsules and each one can carry 25 passengers. One capsule weighs 10 tonnes without passengers. They are big enough that you can sit or walk around. The capsules are numbered from 1 to 33 because they omitted the number 13 for superstitious people.

In my opinion we should go there because you have the greatest view above London. You can never see the buildings in this unique way.

Written by Julia Sauerwein

Monday, 10 April 2017

Way to Camden Market

After Primrose Hill we went along a beautiful canal to the Camden Lock Market. The canal was called Regents Canal and it looked like little Amsterdam, people were even smoking pot there. The atmosphere at the canal was quiet good, some were sitting on the ground and ate some of the delicious food from the Camden Lock Market or they were just hanging around enjoying the good feelings and the sun. After 20 minutes we arrived on foot at Camden Lock Market and we chose a meeting point. So we had about 3 hours of free time for shopping and exploring the whole market. The market is a very diverse place, there you can find delicious food, clothes, shoes and much more. At half past five we met again at our meeting point and went to Charing Cross.

Written by Lisa Göbl

Wednesday – Tate Modern

The third day in London started with delicious wonderful coffee which we drank near the underground station “Canary Wharf”. We picked a meeting point and went for a coffee on our own. After about an hour we met again and started out to Tate Modern. We took the underground again but still had to walk for about 10 minutes from the station to get to Tate. Tate Modern was once a fuel power station, in the centre of London, which was rebuilt in the year 1993 and opened as an art gallery in 2000. It is part of a gallery network of four galleries in three different cities of the United Kingdom.

When we entered the Entrance Hall we were really impressed by how big it was but also by the huge number of children that were playing around in the hall, making an unbelievable noise. Obviously, they were a school group because they were all wearing school uniforms. After deciding where to meet again we parted and went through the museum on our own. In small groups, we ambled through the different exhibitions and took a lot of pictures. The building was so big we nearly got lost in it and another negative aspect was that even though Tate Modern had free entry, there were a few exhibitions that you are not able to enter without buying an extra ticket. From the free exhibitions only a few exhibits were interesting in our point of view. All in all, we must admit that we expected it to be a little bit more interesting than it actually was.

After our stay at Tate Modern we decided to go to Camden Market, but before we left we had some time by our own. First, we went to the little shop at Tate and looked for some interesting books. It seemed like there were a thousand books about artists, musicians or films. I wasn’t looking for something to read because I knew I couldn’t decide what book I wanted the most.

After our short time at the shop we went outside to get some sunshine. It was a very beautiful day so we sat down on the ground and had our packed lunch. While we were sitting there a musician with his guitar began to perform old songs and everything seemed quite perfect. We were looking at the famous “Harry Potter”-Millenium Bridge and crossed it after our break and went to the underground station.

Before we went to Camden Market we walked through a lovely quarter to Primrose Hill where we had a gorgeous view of the city. We stayed there for a while and enjoyed the sun. Then we walked down the hill along to Camden Market.

Written by Sara Gärtner, Valentina Gruber

Monday, 3 April 2017

Thursday afternoon was Brightoning!

After exploring Brighton Pier, some of us decided to enter Sea Life. Of course, me too! Some people may think that Sea Life is only for children but IT IS NOT! Adults like us can have so much fun getting to know the underwater world.

When we got into the entrance hall, we grabbed ourselves some of those marvellous diving goggles which were made of cardboard. Even our teacher Mr. Meier was enthusiastic about them! There were many points at which we could get stamps if we completed various tasks like touching a starfish or spotting shark’s and ray’s eggs. In the end, we got medals because of our achievements!

Afterwards I had a great idea. Fiona and I had lost Hannah and Carina so we decided to have a special lunch on that day: FISH’N’CHIPS! It was our first time, that’s why the waitress had to explain how to order that meal. We had absolutely no idea what we were expecting but fish’n’chips turned out to be very delicious. We loved it!

Written by Selina Ronacher

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Hi people out there! Friday morning wasn’t that interesting except for the coffee break at Canary Wharf. But after a short ride Elephant and Castle to Oxford Circus we went shopping. Luzia and I went to TopShop but we did not understand what people like about that shop. Then we looked for new sneakers for Luzia at the Nike Store. Finally after one week of searching she found new sneakers.
Then we looked through some shops like, Mango, Zara and Bershka. But then finally we went to the Hollister store where we bought some really lovely things, like trousers, T-shirts and jackets.
After shopping Sarah and I went back to the meeting point by underground. Because we arrived there half an hour too early, we went into a café near the station and had some tea.
We gossiped a lot about the past week and much more – it was really indeed.

When everybody arrived at the meeting point we all went to a small pub together to have dinner. Dinner was really delicious and the waitress was very attentive. It was nice to sit all together at the last evening.

We both enjoyed this week in London very much – it was great :-)

Written by Luzia Krug, Sarah Seyer