Monday, 3 April 2017

Thursday afternoon was Brightoning!

After exploring Brighton Pier, some of us decided to enter Sea Life. Of course, me too! Some people may think that Sea Life is only for children but IT IS NOT! Adults like us can have so much fun getting to know the underwater world.

When we got into the entrance hall, we grabbed ourselves some of those marvellous diving goggles which were made of cardboard. Even our teacher Mr. Meier was enthusiastic about them! There were many points at which we could get stamps if we completed various tasks like touching a starfish or spotting shark’s and ray’s eggs. In the end, we got medals because of our achievements!

Afterwards I had a great idea. Fiona and I had lost Hannah and Carina so we decided to have a special lunch on that day: FISH’N’CHIPS! It was our first time, that’s why the waitress had to explain how to order that meal. We had absolutely no idea what we were expecting but fish’n’chips turned out to be very delicious. We loved it!

Written by Selina Ronacher