Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the home of the British kings and queens. Now Queen Elizabeth II lives there with her family. The palace has 775 rooms, a cinema, a post office of its own, a swimmingpool and a huge garden.


John Sheffield built Buckingham Palace in the 18th century. But all the time Buckingham Palace was a normal cityhouse and its name was “Buckingham House”. In 1761 “Buckingham House” changed its hands and was bought by King Georg III. After it was enlarged, it was called “Queen’s House”. The first queen who lived in the palace was Queen Victoria, this was in 1837. But she thought that the palace was still too small and so she also made it even bigger. It became a big palace and was called “Buckingham Palace”. Since August 1993 visitors are allowed to visit some rooms in the palace.

Why should we go there?

I think it would be nice to visit the Buckingham Palace but unfortunately we cannot, because the rooms are only opened from the end of July till the end of September. I’m not lucky with that. But we can still have a look from the outside and perhaps see the changing of the guards.

Written by Eva Maria HaƟlwanter