Monday, 6 March 2017

James Bond Tour

What we have planned

Nadine and I (Eva Maria) have planned a half day for our tour to London. Discover what it takes to be the world’s most famous secret agent, as we take you on a journey to uncover some of the locations from the James Bond films, including the latest 007 film adventure, Spectre.

Procedure of the trip

The tour will start at Charing Cross, then we will walk through Westminster, the beating heart of British politics and intrigue, filled with government buildings and secret bunkers, all with secrets to tell. During the James Bond walking tour, you’ll get a chance to take lots of pictures and see familiar locations up-close and personally. As part of the tour, there will be a short bus journey, so we need an Oyster OR Travelcard (valid for Zone 1) before the start of the tour. We will pass by the secret offices of James Bond's London HQ, Universal Exports and the safe house from Spectre. Visit over 10 locations featured in James Bond films including For Your Eyes Only, Die Another Day, Skyfall and the latest Bond film Spectre. Create your own Bond moment at the locations used in Skyfall, Spectre and other Bond movies. Learn about the filming process which brings a James Bond film to life.

Hard facts

The tour will be on the 17th of March at 10:30. It will take about 2 ½ hours. And it costs around 12 pounds (14 euros). We will meet outside Charing Cross railway station that is next to the Amba Hotel and close to the National Gallery. The tour ends at Vauxhall Station. A personal guide for the James Bond tour is included. As I already said we need an Oyster OR Travelcard for the Zone 1. The James Bond Walking tour also offers private tours they cost for 20 persons 180 pounds (208 euros). And for more than 20 persons we will need to contact for a quote.

Written by Nadine Schnitzler & Eva Maria Haßlwanter