Monday, 6 March 2017

HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast is an old maritime warship from the 2nd world war.
The ship is 187 m long, 19,3 m wide and has a total weight of 10.480 tons. The ship has space for 750 to 850 man.
The engine power is 80.000 PS/HP and gets a speed limit of 32 knots which were 59 km/h.
The warship is the biggest „light Cruiser“ from the Royal Navy. It was build from 1936 and was then launched in early August 1938.

Only one year later a mine from Germany hit the ship and it took them more than two years to built it up again. But than it came back even stronger. They improved the firepower, radar equipment and armour.

This warship later played an important role in the battle of North Cape and after World War two, the Belfast took place in combat during the Korean War from 1950-1952. 

Now the battleship lies secured in the River Themse and is part of the Imperial War Museum. You can go on board and have a look at how things used to be during war. Everything is replaced, so you can see the kitchen, the restrooms, the machine room and many other interesting stuff from the maritime life.

I visited the HMS Belfast once and i really liked it. So if you are a fan of Navy and stuff like this, you totally should go and see it.

Written by Sarah Seyer