Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a large, mainly Gothic church and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English or British monarchs. It is a place of worship owned by the royal family.
It is located in the city of Westminster next to the Houses of Parliament. The Abbey contains some of the most glorious medieval architecture in London. 
Originally Westminster Abbey was a monastery church.  It was built in the 11th century under king Edward the confessor. The two main towers were built in the 18th century.
Highlights are the coronation throne, the Poet's Corner with its memorials to William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and other giants of literature. Also the tombs of Queen Elizabeth I, "Bloody" Queen Mary, explorer David Livingstone and naturalist Charles Darwin can be found there. There are also three gardens around the church.

There are many reasons why we have to see Westminster Abbey. It’s very stunning how the church looks from the outside but also from the inside because of its unique architecture and the two big towers. I also think that the part where the coronations are held is very interesting to visit.
For sure it will be great and interesting to visit Westminster Abbey.

Written by Fiona Schafferer